Are you hosting an event and want it tailored to your specific needs because every event is unique? Crazy Horse Paris will meet all your expectations and fit all your requirments. So showcase your product and go Crazy!
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  • Unique
  • Tailor made
  • Allocated team
  • Venue customization
  • Fully modular room
  • Optional catering services


As part of the launch of our new digital camera designed for low-light shots, we had a handheld shooting at Crazy Horse. Two 30-minutes mini-shows allowed a 1st group to test the cameras on set with very subtle lighting effects while another group was watching the show, before switching between photographers and the audience. A very meaningful experiment both to gauge the quality of our cameras and to enjoy a beautiful show to capture. As part of the launch of our latest camera for low light photography, we set up a little demo at Crazy Horse Paris. We planned 2 30-minute mini shows. While group A was testing the cameras on stage during different sets with subtle light effects, group B was enjoying the live show. Then we switched photographers and audience members. It was the perfect experiment to both evaluate the quality of our cameras and to enjoy those very delicate to shoot performances. Indeed we weren't allowed to use any of the pictures!
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